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Vision and Mission

Saikiran Bandi's vision is to make a lasting impact on society through his medical career and entrepreneurial endeavors. He aims to contribute to the field of medicine by providing compassionate and quality healthcare to individuals in need. As the founder and CEO of Bumboose, an e-commerce platform dedicated to eco-friendly products under Bahudaaranya Eco Global Solutions Pvt Ltd, he envisions creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious future. With his commitment to social welfare and community development, Saikiran strives to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


Saikiran Bandi's career is characterized by his diverse roles and outstanding achievements. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and dedication to various organizations and initiatives. As the President of the International Student Association at Southwestern University for three years, he showcased his ability to inspire and unite students from diverse backgrounds. He also served as the External Linkages Committee Head in the Medical Student Council of Southwestern University, further showcasing his leadership and organizational abilities. Saikiran played an instrumental role in drafting the constitution for the International Indian Medical Students Association, highlighting his commitment to improving the student experience and promoting inclusivity.

Awards and Recognition

Saikiran Bandi's remarkable contributions have garnered recognition and accolades. He was honored as one of the "100 Powerful Personalities" by GlantorX News, receiving a trophy and certification for his notable achievements.

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